Thursday, December 24, 2009

Food Poisoning & Blizzards

We've had an eventful holiday season so far here in Texas. There's so much snow falling right now in North Texas that it looks like there's going to be enough to build snowmen and have a snowball fight. We rarely get snow, so we novices drive around like crazies, getting ourselves into accidents. And we like to take pictures of the snow. Below is a picture of Texas snow starting to accumulate.

Also, as soon as we got to Texas, Nick came down with food poisoning from eating an oyster cocktail in Mexico City the day before. I think this finally drove home the point that eating raw oysters is never worth the price you pay when the poison strikes. Adios to oyster cocktails! :(
But once Nick recovers, we're on a mission to find tacos al pastor. There's supposedly a Tizoncito in Dallas, so crossing our fingers that it's good.


  1. Oh no! Poor Nick. Hope he's feeling better.

    I had no idea there was a Tizoncito in Dallas. If you can't find it, I highly recommend Taqueria El Sí Hay in Oak Cliff. (Isn't that the best name?) It's on Davis St. And GO TO TEI AN.

  2. Well, the Tizoncito sign doesn't look like the one in DF, but if it's a pastor restaurant, I'm assuming it's the genuine article.

  3. Dallas used to be my stompin' ground...If you can't find tacos there's always Texas Chicken fried steak with cream gravy.