Thursday, December 10, 2009

Soya Texturizada

In a quest to try all culinary delights at least once, I purchased something at the market this week that resembles dog food (or, if you prefer, porous rocks). In Spanish, it's called soya texturizada, or textured soy, and you can usually find it hanging out with the beans and grains. Given its appearance and the Mexican love for meat, I wondered how many people have been daring enough to try it? 'Cuz, again, it looks like dog food. But, somebody's eatin' this stuff up -- Google has 57,000 hits for "soya texturizada".

After rehydrating the soy, I threw them into pad thai, thinking it might be a good substitute for tofu. Soy chucks = tofu, right? Not so much. At first, you think -- despite their tastelessness --they're not so bad because 1)it's chewy like meat and 2) they're packed with protein. Then, you get to the grit, and you are SOOOO disgusted. It was like eating a bowl of sand.

Did I buy low-grade textured soy? I'm hoping so, because I think it has a bright future in my kitchen. Ma-po tofu with textured soy, textured soy burgers, tacos al pastor with textured soy...

See here for some recipes with textured soy.

Couldn't the manufacturers have done something to improve its appearance?

It doesn't look any better rehydrated


  1. Soya texturizada does take some getting used to, but there are so many great things to make with it. Its a great substitute for ground beef. And ceviche de soya is one of my faves. You can find the recipes on

  2. Leslie -- Do you get the sandy grit when you're eating it, too?

    Jennifer -- 'Cuz textured soy is cheaper :)

  3. ...On the eigth day God made chipotle sauce.
    to cover up un appetizing meals!!

  4. Ah the soyagrit. I think it usually is in the cheaper stuff, but yes, always rinse rinse rinse your kibble de soya. And then rinse it again.

    And in my impressive vegetarian experience, soyajunk works best used as a substitute for exactly why it looks like: very very low grade meat. Although I'm sure Leslie has found far more impressive things to do with it.

    You can actually buy soya al pastor. And chorizo de soya, now that is something else completely, and rather miraculous....

  5. Phillegitimate--

    So you're a fan? I was so put off by the grit that I haven't bought it again. Where can I find soya al pastor and chorizo de soya?

  6. I love that kind of soy. Soya texturizada en un ceviche o en tacos al pastor es super rico. Usualmente la soya adquiere el sabor de lo que le pones, claro que nadie trataria de comerla sola....

  7. hey made my first soya de ceviche shared it with my co-workers and everyone loved it!!! Coming from an asain girl letting my mexican co-workers try it they were impressed some said it tasted like their moms. I love ceviche but unfortunately recently i discovered that i am allergic to shell fish such as shrimp so this ceviche made with soya makes up for it and it is way safer to eat!