Tuesday, December 29, 2009

El Tizoncito Dallas

El Tizoncito in DF is one of the tastier tacos al pastor chains I like to frequent, mostly for their salsas and variety of aguas. We were in disbelief that El Tizoncito has a branch in Dallas that it warranted a visit despite it probably 1) costing more in gas to get there than the food itself and 2) not tasting as good as what we can get two blocks from our house in DF.

Our visiting brother-in-law from Houston shares a similar obsession with tacos al pastor, but the unfortunate soul lives in a city where roasting raw pork on a spit is illegal! To feed his obsession, he drives all around the city in search of taco trucks who break the roasting raw pork law in the name of authentic tacos al pastor. Hallelujah! the Dallas health department has yet to crack down on taco spits and that we don't have to aimlessly roam the city to find delicious tacos.

The tacos at El Tizoncito were comparable to the ones in DF, but the salsas were disappointing. The two choices -- red and green -- were bland and didn't add flavor to the taco like they should have. To me, the salsas have to be just as good as the taco meat itself. However, the service was prompt and friendly, and the interior was spotless (perhaps to stave off the health department?). The prices are a little high, but given the packed crowd, I think the general consensus is that it's a small one to pay for something so close to home.

The nicest taquería I've ever been to

The presentation is so American

The Spanish menu. Not shown is the English menu we were also given with higher prices :)

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    We are the Tizoncito Dallas Team, thanks for your visit, we just improve our menu to have and english descriptions and we will check the quality of our salsas.

    We are compromised with better food and better service and all the comments help us about, thank you again for your visit, we appreciate your business.


    El Tizoncito Dallas