Monday, June 8, 2009

Mooch a Book

Bordersaside blogger, Amanda, told us about a freakin' awesome book swap site called Other sites like are US only, but this one is international. 

Here's how it works: Offer your own books free of charge, decide whether you're up for shipping domestically or worldwide, and in return, you can have books sent to you, free of charge. I LOVE IT!! Sharing books = happy, literate people!! It's a points-based system, so you can't just mooch all the books you want without donating some of your own. There aren't a lot of users within Mexico offering books in English, but if you register, there will be more. :) 

I registered and posted one book today, and already, somebody is trying to mooch it off of me. Brilliant--mooch away!!

**By the way, if you live in Mexico, have kids, and want some English language children's books, I am considering parting with some of my stash, especially my chapter books. Shoot me a comment, let's exchange datos, and the book fair-y will be on its way.


  1. My daughter is 2 and loves to be read to. She has all her kids books memorized. We recently started reading King Arthur to her and she is actually sitting through it. Amazing considering the pictures are in black and white and a lot of words to each page. But shes loving it. What type of kids books do you have. I seriously need more for her to memorize. ;)
    Yeah for trading books

  2. i lugged my entire classroom library here, so i have many and a huge variety. email me at aliceyliao[at]gmail[dot]com and lemme know what she likes.