Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Christel House Mexico

Here are some videos I found on YouTube about my school. The first is in Spanish, and the second is in English. For friends and family back home who have asked, you can find pictures of the kids and facilities in these videos.

If you're interested in donating time or money, you can visit the Christel House website for more information. In the short time I've been there, I have been amazed by all the random affiliations with this school. Case 1 of random affiliation: while standing in a Turibus line, there were two ladies from Indianapolis in front of me with plans to visit my school the next day, and Case 2: met a friend of a friend who attended our 10 year anniversary last year on behalf of ING. It took the commitment of one person, Christel de Haan, to bring this international community together--cool!

Unbeknownst to be me, two relatives of Christel House students died during the influenza. Here's the 411 on that:

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