Monday, June 8, 2009

Cinépolis VIP

Rewind my life back about a month, and every Thursday or Friday I was asked, "What do you want to do this weekend?" (aka "You wanna go to that movie theater Luis told us about?") 

Soo... the thing is, Nick REALLY likes movies. And the boy really likes to drink, too. So when our friend, Luis, told us about a place he likes to go where you can do both, Nick was really excited to go. Because, you know, there are just some things in your past American life that you wish you had here, and the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin was one of those places. You could drink Shiners, eat fried pickles, and watch both new and classic movies. And sometimes have Michael Jackson sing-a-longs on the big screen. 

Now fast forward to last weekend, and we made it to that movie theater: the Cinépolis VIP!! I can't really explain to you how VIP it is, except that it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, having felt like I stepped into the space pod of luxury. We reclined in our leather loveseat, propped up our feet, ate sushi, and drank beers. Everything short of a martini.

The ticket price? A lavish 115 pesos ($9 and nearly three times the price of a regular movie ticket) per person! And, in the end, I was so captivated by the throws of luxury that I didn't even pay attention to the movie. It's truly, truly, truly an absurd price to pay in such a poverty stricken country, but it is one of the finest displays of what private sector/individuals/this country can do if they put their mind to it. 

Apparently, this concept is so popular that the tickets sell out. Buy online here, have the reservation/receipt texted to your phone, show the text to the ticket collector, and you're in. 

Cinépolis VIP: Located at your nearest mega mall




Probably not good for digestion to throw down some beers and eat while laying at a 145 degree angle


  1. 9 dollars a person? That's not bad for a movie and dinner. I think movie tickets here are $8.

  2. $9 just for the movie ticket, my friend. about $25 more for food and drinks. so, in total, about a $50 date at the movies.