Monday, April 4, 2011

Piles of Pink Laundry

My sister-in-law was super generous to give us heaps and heaps of clothing for baby's first year. So I decided to go ahead and wash it all and sort through the sizes -- part of the nesting phase, I think, because I've been really into cleaning the house, too. According to the what I read about the nesting instinct, it begins around the 5th month until the time of labor with "sorting the baby's clothes over and over again as a favorite theme."

Since my sister-in-law only had girls, she gave us a lot of pink, which means, if we have a boy, he will be our pink prince. Ain't nothin' wrong with boys wearing pink except when everyone starts saying how cute SHE looks.

Oh, parents, what kind of laundry madness am I getting myself into? The dryer was like a bottomless pit of burp cloths and onesies!


  1. So funny, I was just complaining about the pile of clean cloths that needed to be washed. And I told my cousin.. See just another example of why we dont want any more kids!
    But you know what its all totally worth it. Have fun folding them and sorting them. the funny thing is I dont even fold the babies cloths any more. lol

  2. well, i did fold this monster load, but i'm pretty sure once the baby gets here, i will be shoving things in drawers.

    you've been getting a good run on your clothes with all girls! the price of baby stuff here gives me a heart attack.