Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cactus-shaped Accessories Present Interior Design Challenges

Nick's parents were in town this past weekend, and we made the obligatory stop at La Ciudadela handicrafts market so Nick's mom could grab a few gifts for the grandkids. It's an overwhelming place with rows and rows of the same thing, and usually the ladies love it and the men want to poke their eyes out with a thousand straight pins.

But, look who came home with a "treasure". Nick had been eying a shopkeeper's cactus-shaped magazine holder, and unfortunately, the shopkeeper directed him to where he could buy his very own. Off Nick went -- two different times -- in search of his cactus until he proudly strolled up from "aisle 5" with this thing dangling from his hand.

It's cute...I guess. I was just thinking more along the lines of a colorful hand woven basket. And now, with the simple purchase of a cactus-shaped magazine holder, I feel like we've been thrusted into a decor scheme like this:

Rather than something more me, more bohemian, like this:

Can the two be reconciled? Maybe what I'll do is cut the rope, reupholster the jute with a batik print, and paint the cacti aqua blue. :)


  1. lol so funny. I'm such a horrible decorator. I really like the cactus mag holder and would buy it if I ever see one. ;) But your fixes sound great!

  2. it's really not that bad. we'll prob just keep it the way it is and then one day when nick has his own man cave, we'll put it in there :)