Monday, November 8, 2010

Out with the cold. In with a portable heater and kimchi

As you know, most homes in Mexico don't have central air or heating. That means finding natural ways to adapt. In the summer, it's wearing as little clothing as we can get away with and sitting near the fan; in the winter, it's drinking lots of hot drinks and wearing heavy jackets and hats in the house. While it's not quite winter yet here, it sure does feel like it at night. Last week it got down to 1˚C!

We'd been holding out for some time, grinning and bearing the cold like everyone else, but this weekend, we caved and purchased a portable heater for the living room. Many others had the same idea, and the heater aisle at Home Depot was buzzing with people out buying their first heater. I felt very guilt for putting it in the cart, as the eco-nut in me was resisting the purchase. But now that it's in the house, we vow to only use it on unbearably cold nights when our fingers can't move and we can't sleep. On the other days, we'll keep adapting naturally.

FYI, one of the upsides to having cold temperatures like this is that, if you're into kimchi (the Korean fermented spicy cabbage), 2-7˚C is the perfect temperature to achieve and maintain a delicious kimchi. Instead of storing it underground like they do in Korea, all I'll need to do is set it out on the counter and let the cold weather do its magic. If you want a good recipe, click here.


  1. I was just telling Hubby that we're going to have to buy a heater this winter. It's barely November and we are already freezing! I'm afraid what December and January are going to be like. :)

    Now about that kimchi...I've never tasted it, but it sounds DELISH! I'm going to have to try that recipe! :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing -- if it's already this cold, imagine January!! So since you've been here longer, does this seem like a colder November?

    Oh, if you love spicy, you will LOVE kimchi. Koreans eat it for every meal. Yesterday, we had a kimchi stew and it was the perfect complement to the cold.

  3. Wow, interesting fact about Kimchi!!! I've heard of it, but really....had no idea what it was, let alone how it's stored (shame***)

    Hubby's primos were just visiting us from Mexico City, and they were telling me how cold it was getting. They were loooving the Cancun weather, and we have been complaining of how chilly it's gotten in the evening...14 the other night! We still have day time highs in the high 20's, low 30's.

    I can finally wear make up, style my hair, and almost wear heels!!!