Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Juice

Fresh juice stands are ubiquitous in Mexico City. For a mere $20 pesos ($1.63 USD), you can enjoy an entire liter of fresh-squeezed orange juice from oranges squeezed right in front of you. If you've ever made your own juice or smoothie, you know how impossible it is to exactly estimate a cupful. Always a tad leftover, no? Jamba Juice would never do something like this, but here in Mexico the juice man will fill your cup, ask you to take several sips, and fill it full again. Which means I always get my thirst quenched before I even leave the stand.

Some juice stands specialize in blends, like a blend for diabetes or a blend for high blood pressure. One of the most popular juices is the blood-red vampiro drink made from the juice of beets, oranges, carrot, and celery. My new favorite, though, is green juice. Literally called jugo verde. It's a blend of orange juice, pineapple, celery, nopal, and parsley. And it goes down a little pulpy with the perfect hint of sweet and tart (and grassiness from the parsley). If you're like me and are always battling the digestive forces in your stomach, this is a good one. It should really be renamed something more appropriate like fibre fuerte.

Such a lovely shade of green!


  1. Be careful Alice. Your "jugo verde" is one of my favorites but here we call it an "afrodisíaco":)

  2. I recently tried it in Cancun. Hubs enjoyed it but I wasn't too enthusiastic about it.

  3. Bob -- I think you're on to something :)

    Barb -- I loved it, hubby hated it!

  4. Alice,
    The older you get the better you will like it. This stuff will make you regular. You should give some to your Dad and see what he thinks. I am betting that he likes it. After two or three days he will feel like a new man and you and your Mom will never hear the end of it :)

  5. I DEFINITELY miss the fresh juice in Mexico! Especially mandarinas. I might have to fly to DF just to take back a suitcase full of 'em.