Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sitting in the Dark

With the Luz y Fuerza shut-down still going on, we've found ourselves in the most random places without light. It's becoming so common that it's normal. Several times we've been in restaurants where the lights suddenly go out, and no one even looks up from their food. The best was walking by Contramar, one of Mexico City's finest seafood restaurants, and seeing everyone eating in the dark.

Nick's lost power several times at work -- in one of the main financial sections of the city, no less. Dark rides down the elevator and people finding another reason to vacate the office early. Seriously, in the past two weeks, he said people have left work early 4-5 times, mostly to avoid the Luz y Fuerza demonstrations (because, of course, how can you work when there are people protesting out your window?). Yesterday, the power in his building went out around 2 pm, and everyone -- minus his team -- left. According to Nick, they were "strategizing" in the office until it became too dark to see. Ha!

I always thought my brother was a little loony for liking to sit in the dark. He shuts off the light in his room and sits there in the dark. As he says, "Why do you need a light to think?" Deep... but I like sitting in the dark for a different reason. I really like the way candles make a room glow.


  1. I wish there was a like button on these blogs like on Facebook! :D

    Atleast now, everyday and every meal can be a romantic one with all the candlelight!

  2. Definitely looking forward to more meals by candlelight.