Monday, October 12, 2009

Showers of Pickled Pork Skins & Beer

The government just seized control of Mexico's energy firm, Luz y Fuerza del Centro, so before we go dark (something tells me to keep the candles near), I wanted to post some interesting sights from the Mexico/El Salvador game on Saturday.

I didn't see this on any fútbol highlights, but thirty seconds into the first half, men with fire extinguishers started spraying the goal to expel the swarm of bees that had attacked the field. That was quick, genius thinking until the bees just moved to another side of the field. After a wild five-minute chase, I think the bees just gave in and flew off on their own.

Then, later, goal after freakin' goal, the law of gravity was beginning to wear my patience thin. Beer was flying all over -- mostly down on our heads and faces -- from the balcony above. I mean, people came prepared with ponchos for protection against the aforementioned barbaric activity. After the game, my hair felt like I had styled it with Elmer's glue. And, oh the smell...

I suppose throwing beer is better than throwing punches

And, finally, one of the strangest foods I've ever encountered in Mexico -- pickled pork skin called cueritos. If you like salty, gummy substances, you might like this, but if you don't, you're stuck with an entire cupful. So what does a naughty foreigner do with a cupful of pickled pork skins? He throws it up in the air at the next goal. Someone got a beer and cuerito facial that day.

That portion of cuerito is about 200% too big

I prefer my pork skin deep fried


  1. I just ran across your blog ! It's great!!!

    I did see the bee incident on GolTv - hahaha it looked pretty funny!!

    I can't believe how those games can get??!! I mean I would still LOOOVE to get to one in DF however, I will for sure be bearing a poncho for the event!!!

  2. Those things are so gross, my husband loves them they also do the same thing with pig ears and is called something similar. Gross gross gross. Oh and my 3 yr old loves them to.

  3. On Mexican TIme -- Hey, nice to meet you. I'll have to check out your blog soon. You def. have to visit a game, especially one at Estadio Azteca, which seats 120,000. Pick your seats well, though, or bring a poncho. :)

    Amanda -- Ummm.. pickled pig ears?? If your daughter loves cueritos, she must not be a picky eater at all. I like most foods, but there's just something about the taste I couldn't stomach.