Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

We have a lot of new neighbors since moving to Roma Norte last year. The entire colonia has transitioned to being one of Mexico City's hippest neighborhoods. New salad bars, an American Apparel store, Polanco-ish restaurants (and prices), and even a kuru-kuru (conveyor belt) sushi bar.

It's been about a year since we walked the entire neighborhood, so we brought out the camera and spent a Saturday rediscovering Roma Norte. One of the places we went looking for was a hidden plaza and church, Nuestra Señora de la Navtividad, known as La Romita. Before Colonia Roma was what it is today, it was a tiny Aztec pueblo now known as La Romita, and for some reason, locals don't like to disclose its location. So, we never found it, but we did meet someone later that day who works at the sustainable gardening center in La Romita called Sembradores Urbanos, and he told us exactly how to get there. Some of the directions included, "Walk down the alley that looks like a dead end." Intriguing -- I'll have to venture out there soon.

Some photos from our neighborhood stroll...

Around the corner for some tacos de guisado, tlacoyos, hamburgers, or suadero.

Art Bazar every Saturday and Sunday along Alvaro Obregón

Avenida Insurgentes (Mexico City's longest street) cuts through Roma. This picture perfectly depicts the chaotic traffic patterns. Can't even tell whose turn it is to go.
The amazing Metrobus line that runs the length of Insurgentes. One day when I have 3 hours to burn, I'm going to ride that bus from north to south because I can for just 5 pesos.

My favorite torta stand circa 1950s

Roma is starting to look a lot like Paris, dog crap and all.

I have no architectural knowledge, but I do know pretty when I see it.

A souvenir from the 1985 earthquake?

It may not have all the latest foreign foods, but I *heart* my humble grocery store, Sumesa.

Is that decimal in the right place? That's $2 for a medical consultation.


  1. Great post! But after reading the title, I've got the Mr. Rogers song stuck in my head! :D

  2. Yeah I love when bloggers post pictures of their surrounding area. I find Iv been stingy in this department and always love to look but don't post. You have inspired a walk with a camera. I love seeing Mexico city from the safety of my living room. Every time I was there I like to see it but wished I wasn't there. lol Thanks for the view. And yes most medical consults are only 20-30p and thankfully we get them for free from the doctor at my husbands work. If it were anything sever she would send us to the segudo.

  3. Amanda -- DF is love/hate. I'm growing to love it, and when I'm in quiet places, something doesn't feel right. I'll have to try out the 25 peso consultation. That's fabulous!

  4. Yes Alice the decmal points in the right place....Dr. Simi analysis labs are also very economical.