Monday, September 7, 2009

Meet Mr. Tengo Miedo

Mr. Tengo Miedo is a YouTube legend. Get together with a group of Mexicans, and when the timing's right, repeat the following words with increasing intensity: "Tengo miedo, tengo miedo, TENGO MIEDO!!" (I'm scared). Then, as if you unlocked the magic words, everyone will erupt into laughter.

Apparently, Juan Pablo Carrasco was so inflamed with the police for wanting to check his blood alcohol level that he tried to avoid taking a breathalyzer test by repetitiously yelling the now famous phrase "Tengo miedo!" If you, too, have fears of any kind -- the police, the dark, the man next door -- join Juan Pablo in his campaign to END ALL FEAR. Or, add more joy and laughter to the world by downloading the ringtone for 10 pesos.


  1. Oh my god, this is hilarious. I'm guessing his campaign is a spoof? Or is he actually serious?

  2. No, en serio. Watch this interview where he talks about his campaign:

  3. lol That would be a cool ringtone:)