Friday, September 4, 2009

Mangos Never Go Out of Style or Season (it seems)

For the most part, mango season has come and gone. No more beautiful shades of red, blush, yellow, and orange -- just green ones. Stacks of them in the supermarket, the tianguis, and the mercados. Are green mangos ushering in a new crop? Already the beginning of a new mango season?

Well, being the mango-obsessed fiend that I am, I bought a green mango, with memories of green papaya salad on the streets of Bangkok. Despite being the land of papaya and mango, I have yet to see a green papaya. Though, it doesn't really matter since green papayas and green mangos taste nearly alike -- tart and crunchy -- perfect for salads.

One of the the key ingredients in green papaya/green mango salad is dried shrimp, and unfortunately, it was whisked into the trash by a very exacting customs official.

Customs: What is this?

Me: Dried shrimp.

Customs: Let me check my list. (Proceeds to pull out a piece of paper from his pocket and scrolls down with his finger) Dried Shrimp? From where?

Me: (checking the packaging) China

Customs: Nope! No dried shrimp from China!

So while the following recipe is not exactly to spec, it's simple and most of the ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen (well, maybe not the fish sauce).

Green Mango Salad

1 firm green mango
1/4 c red onions or shallots, sliced thin
2-3 tsp fish sauce
1 thai bird chilis, chopped finely
1 tsp sugar
lime juice, a splash
peanuts and/or cashews, chopped

Score the mango lengthwise, and using your knife, cut down to make thin, julienned strips of mango. Mix in the onions, fish sauce, chilis, sugar, and lime juice. Top with chopped nuts. Serve chilled.

Okay, a little gooey because I used an overly ripe green mango but still tart, sweet, salty, and spicy.

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  1. Alice,

    We also love mangoes in this household. Funny I posted my Mango Salad recipe just a couple of months ago in the height of mango season.