Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Observations

This week I noticed that the constant noise and rumble of traffic doesn't bother me like it used to. The trash man's bell, the knife sharpener's whistle, the honking horns--all sounds good and bad--were something I took notice of. Now that we're coming on a year here in Mexico, I was wondering if the newness of it all was settling into something regular. So I thought I'd write down a few observations over the past few days to remind myself that there are still some things that make me go hmm...
  • From a subway car, I learned how to get a free abortion if I were so inclined. In bullet point format, a poster laid out the requirements and the procedure which includes a proof of residence (the elusive comprobante domicilio), proof of age, etc. 
  • From another subway car, I was told about the 10 peso (70 cents) meal I could get my hands on at any of the 300 outlets operated by the municipal government. Plus, 50 more places where I could get a free meal. 
  • Man taking up an entire lane on Paseo de la Reforma, one of Mexico City's busiest streets, to push a two-wheeled wooden cart. That's some cojones, señor...
  • I'm biking down the street to get to Spanish class, and I find myself in the company of delivery men. They're delivering water, breakfast, fresh-baked bread, tortillas, produce, and let's not forget the mail.
  • A young couple holding each other tightly on the bus with their lips locked together. They're in my direct line of view, so I try to find a way to divert my gaze so as to not look like a gawker. Very awkward. And gross.


  1. I absolutely hated the Gas trucks and their awful music when we first arrived. But after 8 years, I've learned to tune them out!

  2. I also realize I don't notice the trucks anymore. There is a mission group in town from the states and I laughed so hard because I saw them dancing to the gas theme song. lol