Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wow, that IS a nice home you've got there!!

Our lease is up soon, and we've been snooping around the neighborhood for somewhere else to live. Perhaps somewhere...cheaper? quieter? But, HOLY COW!!, the first place we saw just one block away was over $1 million dollars!! Look what you can get for a mere $243,000 in Patzcuaro. Not just an apartment, a 3-bedroom house! Oh, one day, I'm hoping to have a dream hacienda such as this... 

By the way, if you, too, dream of owning a hacienda or want to feel like you live in one, I recommend going to Fonart (for those of you here in Mexico City) for Talavera, handcarved wooden furniture, tapestries, and pottery. I've been to three different stores, and the one on Avenida Patriotismo is the largest and has the best selection. If you're always taking your guests to the crap Ciudadela Market for their souvenirs, considering just going to Fonart. 

A few things on my wishlist:

Talavera from Puebla

A handcarved comedor


  1. Wow if only we were rich!!! ;)

  2. Hey Alice, if you want, you could always check out that house just to visit!
    But you may have to hurry!


  3. I may visit one day soon. Will let you know!