Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top 5

I've had such a frustrating morning at the bank that I have been cursing, not just the inefficiency of the bank, but the entire state of the country! There are greater woes to be had, but the bank really knows how to set me off, as there are only so many 3 hours trips to the bank that I can tolerate before I lose my patience. Patience, smatience... 

So, since I've found myself in an expat slump at the moment, I thought I'd cheer myself up with the "Top 5 Bestest Things About Mexico So Far". In no particular order,

#1 Food. Need I say more? 

#2 This sort of falls in with #1 since it's the food I love here. The local food markets make me so giddy that if you took my brain chemistry, I do think my seratonin levels rise when I am in the presence of such a luscious cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. 

#3 Hmm..I'm seeing a trend here. This might also be related to #1. I LOVE the fresh juice and smoothie stands. Seems like they're on every corner except when you're really craving it. Don't see it as much in other towns--is this a Mexico City phenomena?

#4 Okay, it's not ALL about food. I love visiting the charming pueblos around here, and I'm dreaming about the day when I can own my own lovely piece of Mexico with flowering bouganvillas spilling over the walls and into the cobblestone streets of my pueblocito. 

#5 Don't focus on the picture of that wretched bank in the background, but rather, imagine what it feels like to cruise down one of your city's biggest avenues while all the drivers watch in envy. It's what we try to do every Sunday morning here, and props to my hubby for sticking it out with his "new" Benotto bike. Everything but the frame has been broken and/or replaced in the few months that we've owned it. Even the brakes never worked!

Ok, I feel better now...but I'm still furious with the bank. 

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