Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break

Well, it's been a hot one lately, and the kids (and me, too!) have been out of school for nearly two weeks now. So what to do during a hot spring day in Mexico City? Recreate a rooftop pool scene by dousing one other with buckets of water. Then pull up a few chairs in the sun while munching on a bag of chips. Oh, the dog days of Spring...

I did the best I could to capture the moment while trying not to look like a pedophile


  1. I just got back from spending spring break in Mexico and didn't realize that there is no school for 2 weeks, becoming a teacher out there is starting to sound really good ;)

  2. How was your trip? What did you think?

  3. Funny, I always want to take pictures similar to this one and am sure that it may not be a good idea. lol the other day there was a guy in the middle of town, middle of the day sleeping in his wheel barrel on the sidewalk, and there was no construction in site. He had his cowboy hat down over his face and I thought, "Only in Mexico." Nice pic.