Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Day in DF

Nick's family popped into town this weekend, and with just one full day and a tot in tow, we thought the best way to see the city would be atop a Turibus. For just $145 pesos (now just a mere $10), you can sit on your ass for 2-3 hours and wind your way around the Historic Center, Reforma, Polanco, Chapultepec Park, La Condesa, and back. I suppose you can take advantage of the "get on and off as you wish" aspect of Turibus, but you just never know when a bus will come around to pick you back up. So best to be a lazy bum and not move an inch. 

Even if you've seen all the sights on the route, it's nice to be chauffeured around while listening to a soothing voice tell you random facts about your city, like the church near Hidalgo station that offers services "for the deaf and the dumb". There was also one very exciting moment when I thought we were going to go through the barrios, but, sadly, it was only to make a U-turn--I wouldn't have minded a guided tour of Mexico City's barrios myself. 

We opted to just watch people get hit with burning herbs in the Zócalo.

View from the Turibus. 
Beware of branches slapping you in the face should you choose to sit up top.

The sidewalks can be treacherous for walkers and strollers alike!

Wow, if only I had that kind of energy after a long night of off-the-charts LOUD music from the neighbors.

Thanks to Jenny kaka...ahem...I mean Jenny maushi...for the photos from her spankin' new camera. Highly recommended for action stroller shots!

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