Monday, March 30, 2009


We've had a number of visitors in town the past few weeks, which means lots of touristy trips around the city. One of our first stops last week was to Teotihuacán, the ruins just north of the city. Almost every town we've visited in Mexico has their own ruins, and, honestly, sometimes I just get tired of seeing them. BUT, Teotihuacán blew me away for its enormity, ingenuity, and architectural prowess. Don't you just wonder how they accomplished this feat? Amazing! And equally baffling were the modern stone mountains on the drive back to the city. 

Teotihuacán took over 200 hundred years to erect.

The gophers are clearly not camera shy.

If you can leave without buying anything, you should be rewarded back your admission fee for exhibiting such self-control. 
Notice the good angel over my right shoulder telling me, "Don't do it!" And I didn't.

Here's to what could of been-- animal noise makers

Mountains of concrete homes stacked on top of one another. Definitely not the place to be in an earthquake.

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  1. This is so cool thanks for the pics, Iv lived in Mexico for 10 months now and havent seen any of this stuff. Hopefully in June we will get to go check some places out.