Saturday, April 25, 2009

There's a Very Fine Line Between Prostitutes and Weather Persons

I had the news on tonight eagerly awaiting to hear whether they would cancel school next week. And, of course they did. While I sometimes loathe the way the government haphazardly makes decisions, i.e. who gets water, who doesn't, I am loudly and selfishly applauding this measure. And did you hear that they extended the tax deadline another month? Just in case the swine flu was preventing you from paying your taxes... 

Anyway, here's what I really wanted to show you. Can YOU concentrate on the news when a hot-pink-peek-a-boo-check-out-my-latin-curves woman is covering the very important topic of the weather??? I especially like how she hooks her mic to the hole in her chest. YES, WE CAN HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR! 


  1. Love this! Sadly, her dress is downright matronly compared to some of the weather-chicas I've seen. If anyone tries to say Mexico isn't sexist, this is proof of his/her ignorance.

  2. OMG thanks for the laugh, this is to much. Only in Mexico. My husband called the fair that is in town the other day to ask what time the events were and the lady was sure to tell him that there would be girls fighting in chocolate at 7, and that the circus didn't start until 730. Oh so we could have made it to both. lol