Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Spanish Ac-quisition

I love teachers--period-- but especially those who find ways to make content interesting for their students. Señor Jordan, a Spanish teacher in Missouri, composes videos for his students to learn some of the more difficult aspects of Spanish (i.e. the inordinate amount of verb tenses!) Here's a cool sample of what he brings into the classroom.

Thinking about his grueling teaching schedule, then to go home and film and edit Spanish videos--qué increíble! My routine after teaching looks more like this: sit on couch, close eyes, prop mouth wide open, and fall asleep very fast. Like a lot of talented teachers I've seen drawn away by the lure of a higher salary (who can blame them?), I do believe they will pluck his talent from the walls of public school soon and send him on to more profitable means. The next Pimsler? SJSLI--Señor Jordan's Spanish Language Institute? Or perhaps he'll keep on keepin' on... Nonetheless, thanks to Señor Jordan for continuing to set the bar high!


  1. For people who want to learn Spanish, especially the verbs, Señor Jordan's Excellent Spanish Video Blog is the greatest thing since sliced bread :)

  2. That's awfully kind! ¡Gracias! I'm just your average guy though :-)