Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Around

It's not uncommon to see odd pairings in this country. A basketful of dead chickens abroad a bus, an indigenous fella playing a sweet tune on his violin, or this, a pocho alight with balloons. Although it probably doesn't cause too many double takes by locals, it sure does bring a smile to my face when I see something I wouldn't see in the US. What makes these sights so interesting is that we foreigners have a chance to think about the cultural norms of our own countries and those of others, and in the intersection of the two we have an opportunity to evaluate and learn. Part of why there are such interesting sights for us here in Mexico is that there seem to be fewer rules about how you should live your life. People are busy just surviving and less worried about what other people think. It's one of the beauties of poverty and the curses of money--when you don't have it, you have less room to impress and you just live your own freakin' life. It seems like a much more democratic way to live than the "democratic"country above, doesn't it? 

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