Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moving on

Baby's due date is only five weeks away, but there's a full moon coming next week that has me a little anxious that he/she will come earlier than expected. And friends here have also said it's not uncommon to go into labor early -- something about the high altitude. Probably an urban legend, but between the full moon and the high altitude, I'm gonna pack a hospital bag this weekend.

Besides the impending life overhaul we're about to experience, there's been other BIG news. It's all sort of happening at the same time (not really my preference), but we are gearing up to leave Mexico after the baby arrives. :( Normally, couples move closer to family after having a baby, but we're going much further to La Patria -- Spain. Nick accepted a position within the same company but in the Madrid office.

I've known for awhile, but I delayed sharing the news for several reasons. One, I've been wrapped up in the baby thing, and two, I find it hard to write that we are leaving. Our life here in Mexico has been special in so many ways despite the ups and downs of living in what is sometimes a very frustrating environment. We were married right before we moved down to Mexico, so being newlyweds in a new country has been an adventure that required us to lean on one another for support (especially on those days we had to make trips to the bank!).

And, obviously, we've developed a community of friends who we'll miss dearly and a way of life that has grown comfortable. Sometimes I do envy the friends back home who've built their nests, speak the native language, and are surrounded by family, but this is the choice we've made. And despite asking myself (more now these days) "What in the world are you doing?" I know it's an opportunity that many only dream about.

So once the baby arrives, we'll complete the mountain of paperwork to get him/her US citizenship and a passport, and soon after, we'll be embarking for Spain. I'm assuming this will be around September. It seems far enough away, but I know we won't be the boss of our time once the baby comes. My mind is jumbled with nostalgia and baby thoughts, so if this baby can hold off a few more weeks, I'm going to try and post more frequently.


  1. Spain? You just *thought Mexico was a frustrating environment...

  2. Wow, what an exciting move! Me and my husband were (half-jokingly) talking about moving to Spain yesterday.

    Very excited to hear about your new adventures, hope you will find time to post between a new baby and a new country!

  3. Congratulations on all fronts. Wishing you and your husband a safe delivery and departure. Keep blogging. :)

  4. Anon--I've already heard some about the frustrations, but I think Mexico has given me a lot of patience.

    Rebecca & Leah -- WIll try to keep posting post-baby, especially since I want to get the news out there about natural birthing options in Mexico.