Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can't Stop Eating!!

Yesterday I googled "always hungry second trimester" to see if my ravenous hunger was something many women experience during pregnancy. And, yes, it is. It hits very suddenly. Like the feeling that if I don't ingest something in the next 10 minutes, I might pass out.

So when I'm out I'm apt to carrying around one or two snacks with me because, believe you me, there are quite a few tempting and not-so-healthy options out there on the street. Like the torta stand outside my apartment -- it takes WILLPOWER to not want one of those sandwiches mounded with 5 different kinds of processed meats, 2 kinds of cheese, and smothered in mayo. Or the hamburger stand that billows with the char-broiled goodness of ground beef sizzling on the grill. Good thing Wendy's is a 15 minute walk away because I'd be over there everyday for a Frosty if it were closer!

Photo by Flickr user Scaredy_kat

What I've found on the street to be quite nutritious are the amaranth, peanut, and pumpkin seed bars sold on the street. It's a stretch to say I LOVE them when I could be having a torta, but they are generally tasty and filling when in a pinch. The alegria bars -- the ones with just amaranth -- I find super unappealing, but the palanquetas -- the bars with nuts -- I like as long as they don't break my teeth. I might even be inspired to make them at home using this recipe. Looks easy enough with just five ingredients.

You see what I mean? These things won't send you in a tizzy of excitement like a torta might.

But say it ain't so that healthy eating on the street confines one to nut bars. Is there such a thing as a healthy taco? Or what's a quesadilla like without all that cheese? Déjame investigar, but I can't say that I'm that optimistic.


  1. :) I feel for ya! I really do. Just reading about those tortas with 5 different meats is making me hungry! :) Healthy street food? Sounds like an oxymoron if you ask me. :) And a quesadilla without cheese just isn't a quesadilla.

    What's been your biggest craving so far?

  2. I haven't tried tortas yet, so those brittles look really tasty.

    Don't completely give up all the foods you like. You'll drive yourself crazy. Everything in moderation. :-)

  3. Leslie--cravings for mostly the things I loved before but with a greater intensity. so pickles and ice cream (seriously, i have woken up many days thinking about what time i'm going to go for my Frosty). in general, because the pangs strike suddenly, i'm usually reaching for what's quickest like a bowl of cereal or a sandwich

    Barb--haven't given it all up, but if i gave in to tacos or tortas everytime i felt hungry, i'd be gaining not 1 kg per week but 2-3! and do try a torta -- they are supremely delicious!

  4. Girl go buy a bigger purse and pack bannanas and apples with you everywhere you go. If your still hungry after you eat one your body is telling you that you need more substance. Listen to your body and eat what feels right. I use to actually get angry if I didnt eat when those times hit me so for the safety of my family I always carried fruit and nutrion bars in my purse. lol

  5. all of it looks so yummy! Eat away..

  6. It all looks so yummy! Just eat away...

  7. Hahaha - well I've been there, unfortunately it was years ago and we suffered a miscarriage, but darn were those cravings ridiculous!!! My biggest was a chocolate chip muffin from Safeway. Weird as I really am not a muffin person at all. Also, couldn't stand the scent of vanilla, which actually happens to be my fave scent! All the joys of pregnancy!!! Hahaha :)

    Tortas are absolutely wonderful, and I'd have to say those nut treats wouldn't do it for me!!

    Did you say Wendy's? Ahhh jealous!! We don't have that here :(

  8. OMT -- my new thing is a place called Tasti D-lite, a chain from NYC that sells soft serve with onlly 70 calories and in hundreds of flavors! If Wendy's isn't in Cancun yet, it will be. I think they just made their way here within the past year.

  9. Hey there. Thanks for the link to my recipe for palenquetas. They are super easy to make - if you want softer ones rather than brittle, don't boil the honey quite as long (the details are in my recipe post). They are tasty and packed with protein.

    Hope it helps satiate your appetite!