Monday, June 21, 2010

Frontera Mexicana

I don't know why I enjoy watching reality crime shows because they're pretty depressing if you really digest what's happening. When Cops first aired, I was all over that! Busting the bad guy ... over and over, again. But, one that I saw yesterday keeps haunting me. It's called Frontera Mexicana (Mexican Border) which follows border patrol officers along the US-Mexican border region.

I'm not usually moved by these shows, but this one resonated with me. Living on this side of the border, meeting people who have been deeply affected by immigration policy, it's not just about catching illegals. There are stories of struggle and hope. Men with children. It all plays out like a game. When a band of illegals get caught, the jubilant US Border Patrol hi-five themselves for a job well-done. Young boys on the Mexican side throw rocks at la migra as they look for weaknesses in the system. A never-ending battle to keep people on their side of the fence.

No answers here about how to open the borders just enough to let the good ones in and keep the bad ones out, but hopefully shows like this reveal something deeply wrong in our system and don't just sensationalize it down to drugs and hi-fives.


  1. Agreed.

    I haven't seen that show yet, but have watched others similar. Looking at the show with a different perspective really makes you rethink your position. Even though, I think rules are rules and meant to be followed...most of the time :)

  2. OH lordy, I don't think I could watch a show like that. It makes me sad just thinking about it! :(