Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Radio Spanish

Last week, I was driving to work, had forgotten my iPod at home, and in my long (read: so slow that I saw a man reading a novel at the wheel) commute, I turned to one of the pop-y rock radio stations. Not only did I find that it helped pass the time in a karaoke sort of way, but it boosted my Spanish self-esteem!

It was something very supernatural. Poof! I was suddenly understanding everything the DJ was saying. It made me quite happy to realize that my Spanish intelligence level is now about that of a Spanish DJ's commentary! Like many of you, we're out to conquer the Spanish language, and we take the small successes like we just walked the moon.

That first phone call! That first trip the bank! I'm telling you, people, listening to the radio and understanding the DJ was momentous! If you've been here awhile and been intimidated like me to try it out, I have to say that it's highly recommended for a Spanish self-esteem booster. Stay away from the talk radio -- your best bet is to go with the radio stations that play the same 10 pop songs on repeat all day long. :)

Some drive and some read the paper
(no worries, no wheels were in motion when this picture was taken)


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself!!! I love those "uh-huh" moments!!! Although, I have to admit I've also made many mistakes that I would have rather not...jejeje oops!

  2. I totally remember the feeling when I could understand stuff (or more than that, make myself understood). Congrats!!

  3. OMT -- Hello?!? Tell me about making mistakes that I wish I didn't. What is my foreigner problem with STILL always saying 'la problema' instead of 'el problema'?!?!

    Dennis -- Thanks! Yes, being understood is a phenomenal feeling!

  4. Alice that picture is to much. Glad to say I haven't seen traffic like this in a long long time. And that is so exciting about you understanding. Its funny because when I have those beams of Spanish hope moments I always look at my husband with shear joy and exclaim. "I understood that" then I'm all smiles all day even if 10min later I cant figure out what someone is saying to me. lol

  5. Hey Alice--
    Just found your blog, and I just had a similar experience with the radio. My husband LOVES talk radio, and for years I just tuned out because I couldn't follow it at all. Awhile ago, I was able to follow what they were saying when I really concentrated, but the other day I realized that I could drift in and out of their discourse and still know what was going on with out concentrating all my energies on what was being said. It made me feel like I have arrived.
    By being able to understand the DJs, can we now "officially" say that we are fluent?
    (I cringe to do so outloud, knowing that the next taxi driver I meet will proclaim that my Spanish is crap.) So it goes.
    BTW--good to meet you and I don't normally comment so long. =P

  6. Hi Jill,

    Nice to meet you, too! I'm definitely far from saying I'm fluent, and I'm reminded of that daily. Like when someone asked me -- in rapid fire spanish -- how old I was and I had to think about what she said.

    I read part of your blog. How long did you live in DF before moving further north?

  7. I've never actually lived in Mexico City, but skirted it for years. I lived in Puebla for about a year, just south of Cuernavaca for two years, and Toluca for a year before moving north. My husband is a very proud chilango, though, so I've spent plenty of time there and know it well (provided long as I can reference any given location to a metro line).
    Hang in there--it'll keep coming!