Monday, February 22, 2010

Working on a Roll of Paper Towels

Yesterday, I opened up the cabinet under the sink where we keep our roll of paper towels. I rolled off two sheets, and I thought to myself, "Wow, this roll just keeps on going." Like for over six months now.

I remember not so long ago buying quilted quicker picker-uppers in packs of 12 (and 50 rolls of toilet paper). So thick and absorbent, you roll off a few at once, wipe up a small spill, and throw them all in the trash. I think I went through a roll a week. Dusting, wiping the kitchen counter, drying my hands, etc.

Shortly after moving here, I was stunned that a multi-pack meant only two or three rolls and that each roll was nearly $1.50 for the cheap kind! And for $1.50, I was buying a product so thin that it tore as you ripped it off the roll. It wasn't even worth buying.

Exactly. Now I keep a roll under the counter for sopping up oil from the occasional deep-fried adventures, but really, we're 100% back to real towels.

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