Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Las Brisas Acapulco: A Second Honeymoon

Although Acapulco is just a short road trip away from Mexico City, we never hear very good things about it and stayed away. I was imagining the dingy -- gray and muddy water -- beaches of Galveston, Texas. And, for someone who loves just about any beach, Galveston is not one of them.

But, alas, with a few extra days to our weekend last week, we booked a last minute beach stay at Las Brisas Acapulco. Here are just a few of the unbelievable perks that made this stay like a second honeymoon:
  • private casita
  • private pool
  • view of the Pacific Ocean
  • breakfast brought to your doorstep via a "magic box" (imagine the old-timey milk doors)

    Everything inside and out is tastefully pink and white, and short of Don and Betty Draper, you feel as though you've been dropped onto the set of Mad Men. Even the attendants walk around in white bermuda shorts and pink havana shirts.

    While there was a lot of beautiful coastline and excellent restaurants to be taken in, I can't say we got further than our pool. One restaurant we did make it to was, as I call it, a weigh-and-slay where we picked our fish and had it grilled. It's called Beto Godoy, in the sleepy beach town of Barra Vieja, east of Acapulco. A must-go for the outdoor beach ambiance, though be prepared for slight price gouging.

    Acapulco is definitely the most developed beach town we've visited here. And the development just seems to be beginning. There are brightly-lit, jumbo-sized supers, streets, highways, malls and condominiums developing in the east. Casa Palacio has even moved into town. But, whatever you might be looking for -- sleepy beaches, all-night parties, or private pools -- you can find something to your liking in Acapulco.


    1. Funny -- we went to Las Brisas Ixtapa a few weekends ago. It was heavenly, though a bit over-priced (I hate how they charge 61 pesos for in-room coffee).

    2. I concur with what someone wrote on Tripadvisor: "I need to stay at Las Brisas once a year for the rest of my life!"

    3. Our very first beach trip was to that very spot. Note John demonstrating possible other uses of the "magic box": http://www.midwesternerinmexico.com/2008/10/22/acapulco-mexican-independence-day-wknd-part-2