Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Newest and Greatest Gadget

The in-laws wanted to bring us a house-warming gift a few weeks ago and asked us what we needed for the apartment. Before the minimalist husband said that we didn't need anything, I reeled through my mental wish list (ladies, you know what I'm talking about). Of course, we have way more than we need, but some things really do help the pace of life move along quite nicely. That said, it was a pressure cooker that I wanted.

Planting the pressure cooker seed: When I went to get my blender fixed (which it is but only because the guy hot-wired it), everyone else wanted something related to their pressure cookers. Hmm... there must be something to this pressure cooker thing 'cuz everyone in Mexico seems to have one. I decided to conduct some research. 

Beans in 20?? Rice in 8?? "Oohh," I said to myself, "imagine the possibilities. 10-minute mole?!?" And if a soup turned out poorly, I wouldn't feel bad that I spent only 30 minutes--and not 2 hours--making it. Not to mention that it would taste even better than if I had cooked it for two hours. 

Sewing  and growing the seed: So the in-laws generously bought us a pressure cooker, and I have been more than pleased with its performance. The noise is sometimes unbearable, but considering what it's doing to the food, it's worth it. A rapid slow food flavor. Since owning it, I've been wanting to make things just to be amazed by its speed. I haven't tried rice yet, but I can't wait to taste 8-minute rice. 

Next to their blenders, I know Mexicans love their pressure cookers. If you know some delicious pressure cooker recipes, please advise. I'm especially looking for a 10-minute mole recipe. :)


  1. Woot-woot! So happy that you got your pressure cooker!

    Blenders and pressure cookers can be found in almost every kitchen in Mexico. I have one item on my wishlist that I have been wanting for quite sometime...a toaster oven. Making molletes would be much easier.

    I don't know of any recipes for the pressure cooker, but it sure is a big help by cooking the meat or chicken so fast!

  2. I just found a tortilla soup that I'm going to try in the pressure cooker tomorrow. It's too exciting!!

    When you make the chicken, do you first boil it in a regular pot to skim off the guts?

  3. I asked one of my sister-in-law's and she cooks her chicken in the pressure cooker first. Then skims off the fat and removes the skin and bones. Then proceeds to prepare whatever dish she is making!

    Be sure to share your recipe!

  4. Hi Leslie, I made a delicious tortilla soup with rick bayless' recipe. The broth and chicken I did in the pressure cooker for just 10 minutes!

    here is the link to the recipe I followed:

  5. A real quick recipe is an Indian quickie called kichdi. Just measure one cup of rice, one cup of lentils ( mung dal ). Wash them well. Add 4-5 cups of water. Sprinkle some turmeric and salt and let the pressure cooker whistle away merrily 2-3 times.

    In the meanwhile, in a little pan, heat some ghee ( or oil) and temper some cumin seeds, pepper corns lightly crushed and few flakes of ginger.

    When the pressure has been released, just pour the tempered mixture into the mishmash..

    And enjoy! It should be eaten hot btw!

  6. Eagle, sounds like a delicious recipe. I will give it a try.