Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cabo: Mexico's Poshest Vacation Destination

Greetings from Cabo San Lucas! A friend from the States booked us a vacation through her timeshare, and I assumed it was going to be a condominium complex with a quiet beach and an older crowd. Unbeknownst to us, our timeshare is part of Cabo's poshest seen-and-be-seen hotel, the ME Cabo on Médano Beach. According to Frommer's, the ME Cabo has "VIP teepees, and the live DJ music keeps the party here going day and night. If you've come to Cabo to party, this is your place." Imagine how we felt--our country-bumpkin selves--showing up amongst life's primped and plastic specimen. (Yes, that's Terrell Owens, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, strolling the grounds.) But, I can't complain. We open our curtains in the morning and stare at the Pacific Ocean from bed! 

The weekend has passed, and the partiers have mostly gone home. We are here for the rest of the week, and so far, we've planted ourselves on the beach, snorkeled and kayaked. Later this week, we're going on a bus adventure to Todos Santos, a Pueblo Mágico about 1 hour northwest of Los Cabos on the western shore. Amy's never been on a Mexican bus, so I feel obliged to share this unique experience with her.

Cabo is undergoing an LA-ification, and Californians have brought their price tags with them. (There's me in the photo going after my beloved mango, which ended up costing me 50 pesos.) Lunch and dinners run 200 pesos on the cheap, and taxis are 100 pesos for a hop into town. I heard some long-time Cabo vacationers lament that it's been changing a lot recently, but that is the case in many beach towns across Mexico. For a more secluded and lower-priced vacation, locals recommend La Paz. 


  1. I am jealous!! I took a peek at the ME website-- looks pretty rough...like the biggest risk might be a pillow from a nearby pool-side bed blowing onto yours. :) Take lots of pics!! Maybe you can turn this into your own TMZ.com for celebs in Mexico

  2. It's hard livin' here... apparently TO is still here 'cuz I saw the bodyguard roaming the hotel, but no one will tell me for sure. I'll do my best to be the Mexican voice of TMZ.

  3. *seething with jealousy*