Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Managing the Predictability of Unpredictability: How a 30-min errand turns into 3 hours

Yes, ANOTHER 3 hour tale, but this time, it has nothing to do with the bank. (Although, feel free to read Lesley's post on her banking experience today.) It wasn't so much a frustrating 3 hours but just one of those days that blared out, "YES, you live in Mexico!!" 

The day had been going pretty routine--work, deadly bus rides, and errands--until about 1pm. Around that time, I decided to finally tackle a major errand to the post office to send off 15 pounds of books to fellow blogger, Amanda. A fairly easy errand in the US; in Mexico, it requires a sober and concerted effort, and it might not be successful the first time, as the post office may be closed momentarily or out of stamps or who knows what else. And post offices are far, especially on foot, and especially while carrying a 15 pound box! 

So first, I had to go buy a box. Then, I returned home, filled the box up, grabbed $1000 pesos ($75 and very excessive but only because I heard sending mail was expensive), and then hauled the box about 15 minutes away. Whew, the post office was open, and whew, it was surprisingly very inexpensive! With just minor communication problems, I had that box shipped off.

At this point in the day, I was feeling quite satisfied that I successfully completed an errand on the first try. It only got better when I saw the sacador de filos, the knife sharpener, on my way home. I asked him if he wouldn't mind stopping by my place and sharpening a very dull knife for me. So, he followed me home, I ran upstairs, and encountered the problem I had considered before in a previous post. How do I carry the knife down without looking like a crazy woman? Well, I grabbed a kitchen towel, wrapped it tightly, and ran it down to the knife sharpener. He completed the job, and I just had to ask him how other people transported their knives to him? "Usually in a towel," he said, and we both grinned at the oddity of this little life dilemma. 

I was so elated to have shipped the package AND encountered the knife sharpener that, in my euphoric frenzy, I realized I forgot my keys and locked myself out of my apartment--WITH A KNIFE IN MY HAND!! I pondered my next move, and fortunately, the doorman agreed to hang on to my knife (a strange request, eh?) while I went to fetch the house keys from hubby at work.

Although three hours is a lot of time spent on an errand that was only supposed to be 30 minutes, I am quite amused by how the afternoon transpired. And I feel like I'm managing the unpredictability of life here better than I was a few months ago. But, before I say it with complete confidence, I want to see that package reach its destination 'cuz that's not the kind of unpredictability I find amusing.

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  1. I agree with not finding it amusing if it doesn't get her. Thank you so much I'm so excited about the package. I'm impressed at how cheep it is compared to the carrier services. Iv so far had one package make it to me safely through the Mexican mail service so lets pray this one makes it also. I'm keeping my eyes our for it. So sorry you had to walk so far with it. Yikes. Not a bad walk if you didn't have a box. ;)
    Thanks again
    Oh I put a few more books on my list today.