Monday, June 1, 2009

Homemade Street Food

Tlacoyos (pronounced Kla-koi-yos) are one of my newest favorite foods because they appear to healthier than the rest. I really have no way of telling, though, except by my informal observation that no grease drips down my hands and arms like some of the other street food, making it a 1 on the napkin rating scale (for just one napkin needed to clean up the aftermath). The tortilla's stuffed with beans and topped with a smearing of more beans, cactus, cheese, and salsa--has to be healthy, right? I'm going to pretend it is even if it's not.

Last week I tried making tlacoyos from pre-made stuffed tortillas, but they weren't tasty like the ones on the street. They tasted a little...too healthy?? And from this experience, I decided to save myself time in the future and let street food stay street food. The ambience on the street somehow makes street food taste better and there's no way to replace the natural "seasoning" of the grill. A similar idea to the pre-seasoned wok. So unless I turn my home into a pre-seasoned kitchen with the aromas of grease, beans, and grilled meat, I'm probably never going to achieve the same flavor as the street vendors. 

Some things weren't meant to taste THIS healthy.


  1. Yum! I haven't tried them yet, but I do salivate at the stand outside the Isabel La Catolica metro station. Any way you can show me your favorite tlacoyo place nearby? I'd love to go someday soon.

  2. Vámanos! There's an amazing tlacoyo stand at the metro station near my depa. They'll be your new favorite food, too...