Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Visit = Home Cookin'

When the suegros (in-laws) popped in for a short weekend visit, I concocted a culinary plan of cabrito, ceviche, mole, cochinita pibil, tlacoyos, tacos, and tamales. Even though it was their first time, I thought they might enjoy trying some of the local food. My thinking was: 1) they grew up with street food in India, 2) Indian food is equally, if not more, spicy, and 3) if you can stomach Indian street food, you can eat anything.

Well, the plans in my head didn't exactly pan out. Not only did they not want to chance getting sick, Nick's parents wanted Indian food. Of course, they wanted to see Mexico City, but they didn't want to eat their way through it (only I did). Nick's mom had her own culinary agenda and planned to make us all our favorite Indian foods, such as chicken curry, fish curry, sambar and dosas (spicy tomato-based soup and rice pancakes), kande pohe (a flattened rice dish), and fried fish. What was I thinking?? I should have known--Asian mothers visit their children just to make sure the freezer stays full. :) I love it!

Even though we only made it to the Zócalo, we had a fantastic time preparing the meals together and catching up. It's really all about that anyway, right? And no matter where we might be in the world, when family comes into town, it feels like we never left.

Mom making dosas for breakfast 

A typical South Indian breakfast: sambar, dosas, and chutney

Dad rolling out puris (fried whole wheat pitas) to go with the curry


  1. Umm.... next time they come, if I promise to be on my best behavior, and make you a big vat of chocolate tofu pudding, can I PLEEEASE maybe come over and help clear the plates??? It looks freaking awesome. I am salivating.

  2. I only have one question...Did you get your suegras recipe for chicken curry? If so, please share!!!

  3. interesting post...and thanks so much for the recommendation for Malinalco...will check it long have you been living here in DF??

  4. Lesley--of course you're welcome to come over, though cleaning up the aftermath takes over an hour!

    Leslie--I should have watched more closely, but I was so busy prepping for the other 5 dishes that night. The base is a complicated mixture of nuts, spices, coriander, onion, and coconut. I'll ask about a recipe.

    Catherine--We've been in DF for about 10 months. And you?

  5. Oh man.... So jealous I was just telling a friend that what I miss most about living in St. Louis is the chance to eat a variety of foods and Indian was on of them.