Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something THIS Beautiful Should Not be Eaten

I haven't been able to stop staring at this since I brought it home from the market today. Never did see anything like it before, and it's so top-heavy that the only suitable thing I found to keep it from tipping over was my utensil holder. Can you tell what it is?? 

An affordable and stunning bridal bouquet. With a bloom so large, you'd just need one.

It's an alcachofa (artichoke) flower! I know what you're thinking--how come I've never seen this before?? While you can't see the stem, it is nearly an inch think and was, before I had it snipped, over a meter long. I see now why artichokes are so hard to eat--that beautiful bud inside requires some hefty protection against the vicious world. Doesn't this make you wonder what color some other vegetables flowers would be if we let them be?

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