Monday, May 18, 2009

OUT with the heat, IN with the rain

Just when I was going to write some posts about coping with the heat and mosquitoes, the beginning of rainy season appears to have snuck up on me. Which means, I've almost come full circle here in Mexico (seasonally-speaking), since we moved here at the end of the last rainy season. The rain's been good--cooling temperatures, freshening the air, and keeping the mosquitoes at bay. AND, my plants get more attention because I've neglected and killed nearly all my cactus plants. Who knew cacti could be so demanding?? If this is any indication of future parenting skills, I'm not in good shape.

To the increasingly expanding bag of necessities I shoulder around on a typical day, which include a light jacket for the morning chill, an iPod for the commutes, reading material for downtime, food and water to pull me through until the 2 pm lunch hour, and now an oversized umbrella for the downpours. 

But not everyone has an umbrella when they need one, and I've seen people cover their heads with anything from a cardboard box to a plastic bag. Although, the plastic bag only seems like a good idea to me if it's your hair--and only your hair--that you're most concerned about. When I'm stuck in the rain, I prefer to have dry clothes than dry hair, but to each his own...though I'm still trying to understand the technique. Rainy season is several months long, so there's a HIGH probability that I might resort to bagheadedness a time or two or three, too, seeing that I've already been without an umbrella a few times already this season.

Mystery of the bagged head. 

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