Thursday, April 23, 2009

Need a Place to Eat?

Rick Bayless, host of the PBS show Mexico-One Plate at a Time, just finished up filming Season 7 in Mexico City. His online travel journal visits some places most of us DFeños know like San Angel Inn and Cafe Tacuba but many that I've never heard of and need to try. He spent quite a bit of time in my neighborhood, but I never did hear of it until now...por qué no, I ask?? He also posts a piece of his walking tour around Mercado San Juan (metro: Salto de Agua) that Lesley and I visited last week

As of this week, PBS has (finally) jumped on board and streams some of their shows online. While you can't watch Bayless' show yet, you can catch up with Ms. Child and master French cuisine or gaggle at the diversity of the universe on Nova or discover something on Antiques Roadshow that you saw at your grandmother's house and can now beat yourself over the head for giving it to Goodwill. 

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