Thursday, January 8, 2009

Start bottling your water NOW!

Until May, 72 colonias will be subject to water rations in a bout by Mexico City to restore the water shortage in Cutzamala Dam, the dam that services Mexico City's drinking water. Polanco, Lomas de Chapultepec, Moctezuma, and Guerrero are a few of the colonias who will be subject to a three-day per month, Saturday to Monday (or, more specifically, after 3pm on Friday until 2pm on Sunday) suspension.

This seems like bad policy to me. Why are only 72 colonias being targeted? Seems like a ration of this sort should apply to everyone, not just those living in those 72 colonias. I wonder if Ramón Aguirre, director of Water Systems in DF, and his buddies, put their colonias on the list? Imagine the outrage by business owners in the affected 72 colonias. So far, I haven't found the complete list of the 72 colonias affected, but if my colonia is listed, I will be spending a good amount of time hording and bottling up my tap. And won't others be doing the same? We'll all be making a run on the bank, drying up Cutzamala dam more than ever. Wouldn't a better, more equitable, policy be to shut everyone's water off for one day each month? I don't know much about water supply, but I do know that three days without water will make a lot of usually happy people very UNhappy. Give me low pressure water, turn my water off once a month, make my premiums for water higher, I'll take a 2 minute shower..please, 3 days without water isn't the solution.

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