Monday, January 5, 2009

Muévete en Bici

To the chagrin of drivers, Mexico City shuts down one of its major streets, Reforma Avenue, every Sunday from 8-2. Why? For the bikers, the walkers, the in-line skaters, and anyone wishing to feel the joy of roaming through Reforma sans cars in a program called Muévete en Bici, or Get Moving on Bike. And even better, on the last Sunday of every month, the city paves a 25km circular path around the city, called the Ciclotón. On that bike ride, you can take in views of the city through several delegations in a relatively flat (but still a little smoggy) ride with thousands of other friendly folks. Water greets you every so often, and if ever a flat or near fatal accident befall you, volunteers from Benotto, Red Cross, and others are standing by to help you back on your feet. Even if you're adept at riding, a slight bump over an unsteady pothole might land you on your face, too. With near perfect weather every day and free bike rentals to boot, there's no excuse. Seems Mayor Ebrard is enjoying the ride as well. Link 

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